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I've Lost My Face In A Thousand Ways

13 April 1989
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This journal is now friends only as you may have noticed.
Some post have been before. Anything media related usually, like photos for example.
I got loads of spam and figured that'd be the easiest way to avoid that. And I don't want my personal life so openly on the internet, I'd like to have little bit control over who's stalking me. ;)

Tumblr think it has a picture of me somewhere. Go find it if you like. ;)
and Twitter just so it's complete with all the social sites. :D

I live in Germany so English is not my first language (that would be German).
I was really really bad in English for most of my school career until I started reading fanfiction. Because at some point there is only a limited amount of german fanfiction out there I was literally forced to start reading the english ones. I had big slips of paper with vocabulary next to my computer.
Then one summer, like a year later or so, my parents and I spend the holidays on the britsh isle. We did a cycling trip from sea to sea and back and I was so stoked that I understood almost everything the people there said. That holiday started my love for Great Britain and the english language.

And this is my writing journal for all the fiction that I'll hopefully write in the future. And for icons and all that stuff of course.